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The Golden Galaxy


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Golden Quotes

Welcome to The Golden Girls Quote Shrine, Making you laugh every second of the day. Get to know Them a little better as you read what they have to say. add your Fav GG quote, just Email me and I'll add it to this page!!

Dorothy: Oh Rose, dear sweet single didget I Q Rose.

Sophia: By the way Blanche when did you ever say no?
Blanche: did I say there was going to be a question and answer period after i spoke.

Sophia: My hineys asleep
Dorothy: Fine we'll keep our voices Down

Blanche: Sophia you couldn't sleep either
Sophia: No i was sleeping so well i thought i'd try it in the sink

Blanche:...And i said i wanted to make love to him in a hamok suspended in between two magnolia trees but that will never happen
Rose: Maybe if you lose a few pounds

Blanche: I can't beileve you said that. Oh if I weren't a lady i'd deck you.
Dorothy: You try and i'll have you on your back so fast you'll think your out on a date

Dorothy: Thers a man on our lawn
Blanche: Get the net!!

Dorothy:(to Sophia) Now listen you witherd old siccilian Monkey!!!

Dorothy: Ma Rose isn't talking to me
Sophia: Enjoy it while it lasts now good night

Sophia: I can't beleive I have a daughter who threw a priest out the door
Dorothy: Ma you have relitives that throw priests out of windows!!!

Blanche: What did you make us for dinner Sophia
Sophia: Sardine casorol with an otmeal cookie crust. I hope you like it, there's a lot!!!

Blanche: Dorothy your a substitute your job isn't actually to teach
Dorothy: Then what is it?
Blanche: To keep the kids from burning the school down untill the other teacher gets back

Rose: just because I'm built like this you wouldn't beleive how many people think I'm dumb
Sophia: Rose your too hard on yourself I know people who think your dumb over the phone.

Dorothy: What is the babies temperature Blanche?
Blanche:I can't make it out, my eyes must be tired
Dorothy: Your eyes are old

Blanche: Rose be sure to dress youthfully
rose: What for?
Sophia: your old!!

Sophia(to Dorothy) i'm not going to let you treat me like thins I'm going to my room!
Dorothy: I have the strangest feeling of Dajavu, only I'm Ma and she's me
Rose: what are you going to do
Dorothy: Well I have to be firm Rose I'm not going to let her go to the prom!

Blanche: Take it from me I wrote the book on dating:
Rose: really what's it called?
Blanche: it doesn't have a title you twit
Dorothy: Well Goodnight
Blanche: Your going to bed already
Dorothy: well what's wrong with going straight to bed?
Rose; hey Blanche that's a good title for your book

Rose: When i was in school the kids made up a really mean nick name for me just because I had hairly legs
Blanche: What did they call you?
Rose: Rose with the hairy legs
Dorothy: Kids can be so cruel

Rose: You wont beleive this I've just been talking on the phone for a half hour and guess what
Blanche: You forgot to dial first

Dorothy: Your just jelouse because I have a date on a Saturday night and you don't
Blanche: Saturday night ,kids stuff get lucky on a tuesday morning then call me

Blanche: I've been rejected once:
Dorothy: from who
Blanche: Weight Watchers for being too thin